Wythe Hotel - Skyline view of one of the top hotels in Brooklyn

ブルックリンのウィリアムズバーグにある、小さなデザインホテルWythe Hotel(ワイスホテル)は、ブルックリンに暮らす3人のオーナーの手によって、2012年に開業しました。

News and Events from Wythe Hotel and Brooklyn, NY

  • We are excited to welcome our friends from "Work x Work" who will present ON AIR FEST - A FIRST-OF- ITS-KIND AUDIO AND PODCAST EVENT.
    Featuring some of the biggest “voices” in industry including Laurie Anderson, Stretch Armstrong, Nick Quah, and those behind The Moth, Longform, Radio Atlas, Happier with
    Gretchen Rubin, as well as Hot Pod, Adlandia, Latino USA, The Great Discontent & more...

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    ON AIR FEST Wythe Hotel Brooklyn NY 2018
  • We're thrilled to host a phone booth from this socially engaged project by Afghan-American visual artist Aman Mojadidi. Audience members are encouraged to step into the booth and listen
    to stories of migration through the telephone receiver.

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    Aman Mojadidi, Once Upon a Time Phone Booth Installation
  • Emma Kohlmann's "Wallpaper Poster Zine" is installed inside our "EVERYBODY" lobby bathrooms.
    Previously exhibited at the Basilica Soundscape 2017, this newsprint zine is the most recent iteration of Kohlmann's prolific zine production.
    We are proud to also have some of Kohlmann's beautiful black ink drawings installed in one of our hotel rooms.

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    Emma Kohlmann Zine as Wallpaper at Wythe Hotel - Detail View
  • Ramen Shop is the joint collaboration of former Chez Panisse alumni, Jerry Jaksich, Rayneil De Guzman and Sam White. Based in Oakland California, Ramen Shop has built a reputation for carefully crafted dishes that pays homage to both Japanese and Californian sensibilities.

    This is a 3-course seated dinner with cash bar and a la carte options.

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