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AFAR features Wythe Hotel
A list of hotels that have transformed preexisting buildings

Our hotel is built in a 1901 Cooperage. Designed by Theobald Engehardt, the Weidman Cooperage manufactured barrels for the sugar refineries that lined the Williamsburg waterfront at the turn of the century. When we found the building it had been a three generation textile factory that was only used for storage. The heavy timber and masonry construction speak of a 100+ year history of heavy use, and help capture the story of our neighborhood. We were determined to show off as much of this historic character as we could throughout the hotel, from the public spaces to the rooms, and we reused as much of this amazing timer, glass, and masonry as we could – for beds, minibar tops, etc.

No-one will ever build a building like this one ever again … anywhere in the world.
Opening it up to the public, and giving our neighbors and visitors from all over the world access to all it’s charm has been an amazing process.

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