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Aman Mojadidi – Once Upon A Place
Hotel Lobby, March 1st through May 29th

We’re thrilled to host one phone booth from this socially engaged project by Afghan-American visual artist Aman Mojadidi. Audience members are encouraged to step into the booth and listen to stories of migration through the telephone receiver.

Once Upon A Place explores and reveals the diverse narratives of migration that are so prevalent, but often hidden, within New York City. Essentially an ethnography of the city and its people, the public installation serves as a catalogue of a wide range of migration stories, providing a more intimate look into the life experiences of the city’s residents. What were the conditions that brought them here? Why did they come specifically to NYC? How did they prepare for their journey? What was the journey like? If there was something in particular that represented their migration story, what was it? Whether first, second, third generation or beyond, these stories speak of migration history in a city where up to 36% of residents are foreign-born and 800 different languages are spoken, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

The mixed-media installation was originally on view in summer 2017 as part of Times Square Arts’ highly visible At the Crossroads program and was installed in Times Square’s Duffy Plaza. It was created in collaboration with Smooth Technology.