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Jul 24

Aneta Bartos Premier

Please join Teen Party for the debut New York screening of It Doesn’t Taste As It Used To, a new film by Aneta Bartos. It’s a challenging, fearless, and often funny examination of the artist’s relationship to her father–a bodybuilder who, at 74, is reckoning with the absurd realities of aging. “Bartos sees everything,” Jerry Saltz wrote of ‘Family Portrait,’ her related series of photographs. “She looks at us with a knowing gaze that strips away our defenses, makes us confront her love, hate, perversion, helplessness, desire, manipulation, and pain at being this naked and somehow invisible.” Bartos upends our expectations of what family dynamics, could or perhaps should, be.


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Special thanks to Alexandra Fanning Communications and Tommy Simoens gallery in Antwerp