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Jan 29

Cellar Series # 1 – Post-truth Storytelling: The Personal Narrative in the Digital Age
Sunday, January 29th; 3:00PM - 5:00PM - Free With RSVP

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Join us for Cellar Series # 1 on Sunday, January 29th, from 3:00PM -5:00PM in our Private Dining Room, as host and artist, Jack Early, leads a conversation on Post-truth Storytelling: The Personal Narrative in the Digital Age.

He will be joined by Paddy Johnson from Art F City, Leja Kress and Richard Agerbeek from Sweden Unlimited, Paul Parreira from Company Cue, and writer/director, Jacob Bernstein.

Known for exploring American identity, Early works with a Pop vocabulary combining it with biographical details and personal elements of his life. His work builds on cultural references and continues to evolve through his experience with the media and an ever-changing self.

Born from our desire to openly explore the ever-evolving cultural landscape of Brooklyn, The CELLAR SERIES is an intimate and democratic gathering moderated by an inspiring host on the topic of their choice.  Beer from our friends at Sixpoint Brewery and french fries from Reynard will be provided. Entry is free with RSVP.

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Post-truth Storytelling: The Personal Narrative in the Digital Age.
I want to discuss how the digital age and the democratization of media have affected storytelling. It has become an overused, clichéd theme and label, especially in the social media sphere as we see marketers and creators label themselves or what they do as “storytelling,” or the notion that a single Instagram image with a few hashtags is a compelling “story.” 
There is a growing understanding that social media is influencing our perception of the world and what we regard as truth.  Many of us live in a fragmented world of sound bites within an echo chamber of Google and Facebook algorithms designed to curate our feeds to only material we will like. 
Hosting a face to face conversation on the topic is an antidote to the maelstrom of post-truth media. 
—Jack Early
(Photo Credit – Emily Johnston)