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May 17

Diner Journal Live

On May 17th the Wythe Hotel will celebrate a decade of Diner Journal. The evening will feature short meditations by Anna Dunn, Caroline Fidanza, Peter Milne Greiner, and Rachael Petach, as well as musical interludes by the Reverend Vince Anderson. Editor-at-large Millicent Souris and Photo Editor Julia Gillard will present Discarded Shells and What Remains, words and pictures on returning to the Soft Shell Crab Festival in Crisfield, Maryland. Guest Contributor Lexie Smith will be presenting on bread making as story, practice as narrative. Publisher Andrew Tarlow and Michael Kale of Marlow & Daughters will be busy doing something mysterious involving a grill on the sidewalk.

Tickets online here and at the door are $25.00 (suggested donation) and will be used to offset cost of our annual RETURN to print Diner Journal. We hope you will join us for a bridge, a preparing and contrasting, a readying, a steadying, a platform, and a wave.