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Apr 28

Fertility Awareness Event and Film Premiere of “Mis(contra)ception”
Tuesday, April 28th -- 7:00PM - 9:30PM ; Tickets $40

Join hosts, Jessa Blades and Katinka Locasio, for an exciting evening dedicated to fertility awareness and expanding the conversation around birth control and women’s reproductive health. You’ll learn how your cycle works as women’s health expert Katinka Locascio introduces the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and gives us the 411 on natural birth control. You’ll meet director, Cassondra Moriarty, as she premieres her short film documentary Miscon(tra)ceptions. And you’ll hear the latest on birth control, fertility awareness, and hormonal health from our esteemed panelists:
Abby Epstein– Director, Documentary Film Maker
Nicole Jardim–  Hormonal Health Coach
Danielle Straford– FAM Advocate
Whether you want to be more aware or your fertility, or have questioned the side effects of birth control, or want to understand how your body works this evening will inspire and inform!
7-7:30pm– Cocktails (cash bar) + Conversation
7:30-9:30pm– Lecture, Screening, and panel Q&A