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Jul 14

A new tropical monthly hang with Chances with Wolves

Every second Sunday, Kenan and Kray (plus special guests), will be up on the 6th floor terrace transporting you to an island mentality with music as vibrant as the tropics.  Shake off the wiles of winter and tune in to the elusive grace of life on Lemon’s.  Each of these monthly parties at our rooftop bar will have its own specific character, but they will always be an homage to warm weather, undulating rhythm, and fresh cocktails.


Sunday, July 14th

Sunday, August 11th

Chances with Wolves began as a radio show on East Village Radio in NYC in 2008. Operated by two Brooklyn-raised DJs, Kenan and Kray—whose love of music has bonded them since they were kids—Chances with Wolves has freed itself of the constraints of modern-day radio programming by ignoring genre limitations in favor of mood and feeling. Over the past 10 years they have created over 410 episodes, and the show has earned an international cult following.