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Aug 19


Every Monday at Lemon’s on the rooftop, we celebrate our friends, introduce new menu items, host our favorite producers and importers, or offer a wise special.  This week we’ll have a by the glass takeover from Zev Rovine Selections.

If you aren’t familiar with Zev, he’s a caring importer of natural wines who built his way up by hand-selling thoughtful wines that he truly loves.   The company doesn’t have a philosophy per se, beyond finding wines they like and selling them to people who also like them.  They work a lot with wines that are grown organically and made with minimal (or sometimes no) intervention.

“It is the curiosity of wine drinkers that allows us to buy the wines that we do, and we are very appreciative of that.”

Come over and be curious with us.  Make a reservation if you’d like to secure a table.