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Dec 10

Sunset Sounds: MISS GRIT

Performance begins at 7:30p sharp

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Miss Grit is the music project of multi-instrumentalist Margaret Sohn, who has worked on projects with Flint Eastwood, and My Brightest Diamond, but has just released her first EP, ‘Talk Talk’.

‘Talk Talk’ isn’t necessarily a breakup album, but an album about Margaret being lost when it comes to relationships and love.  It takes on social anxiety and the unrealistic views of love that society and movies ingrain into girls’ minds.  On a more personal note, it’s also about Margaret’s struggle with “all or nothing” emotions when it comes to relationships, and the desire to dry up those feelings into something less extreme and intense.  Pulling inspiration from LCD Soundsystem’s satisfying synths and St.Vincent’s brutal guitars, Miss Grit has come up with an innocently deceiving sound that reveals itself on this EP.

Part of our continued series with LA-based independent label IAMSOUND, Sunset Sounds presents emerging talent in an unconventional setting against the backdrop of the NY skyline.

Lemon’s is always 21+