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Feb 10

Wythe New Arts Residency: Poncili Creacion

We are excited to welcome Poncili Creación to Wythe Hotel this Sunday, February 10th.

Please join us on 2/10 and 2/11 for an open studio rehearsal and on 2/12 for their performance, “The Beginning of Nothing.”

The Beginning of Nothing is an interactive object ritual performance that uses sculpture, dance and audience participation to bring forth a “special moment.” Yucamax Orchestra will be accompanying the piece and improvising a score for the performance. Come dressed in primary colors and bring a friend!

In preparation for this “moment,” Poncili invites you to two days of open studios where they will be working on the design + fabrication of their newest series of objects.

Sunday 2/10 and Mon 2/11 – Open Studio 1pm – 6pm

Performance Tuesday 2/12 – Object Ritual 7:30 pm

Free with RSVP to

About Poncili Creación:

Poncili Creación views the world, life, and reality as rewritable code. Their focus on objects and movement underscore their belief that these are important pillars on which the universe and civilization are based, making them perfect tools with which to hack reality. Their roughly carved objects from polyurethane foam and scavenged materials are complemented by more crafted mechanisms and a vibrant color palette. Poncili Creación strives for creating environments that feels accessible while still inspiring awe. Their artistic process is an exploration of how we can alter our lives, each other, and reality through objects and movement.  For this reason, they have presented their work in a variety of locations such as puppetry festivals, museums, schools, bars, and bathrooms. We are thrilled to welcome them to Wythe Hotel.