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Oct 07

Yardy x Lemon’s

Artist and Chef DeVonn Francis began Yardy (from the patois word yaadie, a colloquial term of endearment that Jamaicans and Jamaican-born Americans call one another to acknowledge that they come from the same place) with the idea that food can be a vehicle for community, radical justice, performance, and belonging.  He fell in love with Jamaican recipes while cooking with his mother and aunts while growing up.  Through food and events, he explores his own relationship to his Caribbean heritage and furthers a platform to promote and support queer, migrant culture.

“I think of Yardy as this house for people who are trying to find their way back home, figure out who they are, and learn about where they come from,” he says (Healthyish).

Yardy pops-up at Lemons on Monday October 7th.  From 5p-11p you can catch Caribbean-ish menu items and cocktails with DeVonn plus a DJ set from Loka.

Walk-ins welcome or make a reservation.